Government launches new business support package

The government has launched a new scheme intended to collect state-backed advice for small businesses.

The Business Is Great programme was unveiled by Vince Cable last week, and centres around a new website hub providing links to a range of small business resources. The site also features specially commissioned articles based on four themes: ‘Plan’, ‘Export’, ‘Lead’, and ‘Nurture’.

The launch of the website was combined with the announcement of a new fund to support large businesses in providing mentoring to small firms. The Sector Mentoring Challenge Fund will have an initial £1 million to spend.

Skills and enterprise minister Matthew Hancock, who was appointed in the government’s recent reshuffle, said: “Small firms are a vital driver of our economy’s success, so it is imperative that we do all we can to ensure businesses don’t just survive, but thrive to compete in the global race.

“Government has an important role in providing a coherent package of measures to support businesses, but there is also a role for business-to-business support, with successful, growing small businesses talking to others about how exporting, hiring, and business planning can take a business to the next level.”

It is thought that the website will be augmented by a new advertising campaign featuring UK small business success stories. You can find the website here.