Conference season disappointing for small businesses

Conference season disappointing for small businesses onference season disappointing for small businesses

The Labour leader has been criticised by big business groups for “tinkering”, but he has recognised that business rates are set to be an increasingly onerous expense for the SMEs, and a burden that must be relieved.

I also welcome Mr Miliband’s plans to increase the minimum wage. The economy will not achieve a sustained recovery without a fresh wave of consumer demand, and increasing the wage packets of the worst paid in society is one of the most effective means by which this can be achieved.

But both the Labour Party and the coalition continue to fall short for the UK’s small businesses. Each party clamours for SME votes, but none has yet presented the concrete support that small firms require. When support has been forthcoming it has quickly been removed, as with the National Insurance holiday.

Our customers do not recognise the Chancellor’s vaunted recovery. Instead, they see big businesses using zero hours contracts and dodging tax in order to avoid shouldering their part of the burden. Parties of all stripes should be presenting means by which we can ensure that big business pays its way, and small businesses get what they deserve.

Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, and it is these firms that will lead us to recovery – but they need the government’s support to level the playing field.