Top 20 Aspiring Businesses

On 6 June 2013, Simply Business took the stand at the Business Show, London ExCel and asked, ‘How would £1K help your business?’ We had over 150 pitches for this game-changing prize.  

Find out who made the top 20!

£1,000. For most start-ups, it’s an invaluable sum. It’s the kind of boost that can create a turning point and help shape next steps for 2013 and beyond. And because every business is unique – from massage therapists to cupcake gurus, crowd-fixing specialists to film producers – that £1,000 could be used for pretty much anything. Whether it’s marketing, business insurance, or a new van to get you and your product out there, you broadened our perspective of what it takes to get a small business to the next level.

Watch the top 20

So we put each business spokesman in front of the camera, getting them to pitch for the prize (in double-quick time). From over 150 fantastic pitches, we’ve whittled the entries down to a very impressive top 20. For a shot of inspiration, check out our top 20 playlist. We challenge you not to come away feeling as we did – invigorated, humbled and full of ideas for just what we’d say, if the spotlight was on us.

From jazzy men’s shoes to a steam railway in Northampton, each pitch was in complete parallel to the last. It just goes to show that the UK is alive and kicking with hundreds, even thousands of new and small businesses. And if the queue out of the ExCel Centre front door this year was anything to go by, getting your business out on the front line and opening up your networks is paramount.

Who’s your favourite?

Our next job is to pick one stand out pitch, and present the £1,000 prize. To do that, we’d love to hear what you think. So take a look at the top 20 playlist now, and like, share or post a comment on the pitch you think deserves to win.

Back in May, we reported that 58% of start-ups are getting off the ground with less than £1K. So tell us what you think of our finalists’ big plans in the playlist below.