The UK should value its EU membership

The UK should value its EU membership he UK should value its EU membership

The UK should be part of the EU. The EU has created an immense internal market with vast trading opportunities, the advantages of which many of our 225,000 customers experience every day.

A union of states creates political stability - a key requirement for sustainable business. That the EU is experiencing problems now does not mean we should abandon it. Instead, we should work together to fix them, for the good of us all. If the UK economy is to survive, and thrive, it is clear to me that we must stay within the EU to ensure that cross-border markets remain open and accessible. A move away from Europe will leave the UK’s small businesses isolated and hamstrung - and will cost us the £92 billion a year our links with the EU currently generate.

Despite noisy voices to the contrary in Parliament, there remains strong support for the EU amongst the small business community. A survey earlier this month from the SME networking business BNI showed that over two thirds want the UK to stay in the EU.

Of course, I don’t want to see is all of our political and fiscal policies decided by EU policy makers, and I support calls for Britain to retain its position as an autonomous partner. There is no reason we can’t be affiliated to the club while still retaining control over decisions that matter to us alone. There is no reason why the UK cannot have its cake and eat it, by maintaining strong working relations and economic ties with the EU, while holding on to the sovereignty we already enjoy. For the sake of British business we must improve our relationship with the EU, not back out.