Social media statistics - Optimisation by numbers

Social media is amongst the most important means by which small businesses can generate sales.

It is a huge growth area, and one that will come to play an ever more significant role in the acquisition process.

But social media is also an area of hyperbole and myth, making it difficult to navigate. We have compiled a set of handy statistics to help you cut to the heart of social media, and to help you optimise your Facebook and Twitter posts.

Social commerce

• 500 billion. Consumers generate more than 500 billion impressions about products or services every year.
• 10. A website visitor is ten times more likely to make a purchase if they are directed from social media.
• £5.67 billion. The amount attributed to social commerce purchases annually.


• 25%. Facebook usage accounts for nearly 25% of all internet time.

• 77%. Some 77% of consumers would like to see special Facebook-only deals.
• 180%. Posts that include a photograph generate 180% more engagement on average. Make sure that you include a photo wherever possible. Add a link in the body of the post, and in the photo description.
• 70%. Automatically generated Facebook posts suffer from 70% lower engagement.
• 250. The recommended upper limit, in characters, for Facebook post length. Engagement drops off for posts with more than 250 characters.
• 100. The recommended lower limit, in characters, for Facebook post length. Posts with between 100 and 250 characters generate 60% more interaction on average.


• 53%. Some 53 per cent of Twitter users recommend companies or products on the platform.
• 140. The all-important character limit for Twitter posts. But remember, many users still prefer to manually retweet by copy and pasting, rather than hitting the RT button. As such, you should deduct the number of characters made up by your username, two spaces, an @ symbol, and the letters ‘RT’ from your total post lengths in order to ensure that you can be manually retweeted.
• 17%. Tweets with fewer than 100 characters generate 17% more engagement on average.

**Social media is constantly changing. We will be updating this article with new statistics regularly - so check back for more.

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