Tips for keeping customers

Smarta and are bringing visitors to the Simply Business site a sneak preview of a few of the gems of wisdom from their free eBook of marketing inspiration. Here are some top tips from the 'Keeping Customers' chapter.

Smarta, the small business support website and, the fast-expanding online print shop have joined forces to release a free eBook crammed with marketing inspiration. Entitled 50 low-budget, high-impact marketing tips, it brings you effective tricks that won’t break the bank from an impressive line-up of experts. They range from short, inspiring pointers to more detailed advice, taking you through all the key phases of your marketing efforts.




Steve Hurn

CEO, Reevoo

Bad reviews are good for business. Believe it or not, negative reviews can help your business (as long as they are only in moderation). It runs counter to every marketer’s instinct: you don’t want people saying bad things about your brand, products or services. But the surprising truth is that a few bad reviews increase trust in your brand, reduce site abandonment and actually retain those more predisposed to buy.

Jonathan Elliott

MD, Make it Cheaper

One of your least expensive but most effective marketing tools is excellent customer service. Do everything possible to foster an emotional connection with your business and make customers active stakeholders in your brand. Crack this, and your customers will do your marketing for you.

Top tip from

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is an essential tool in your customer retention arsenal. You can use it to track when you were last in touch with a client, look at how much they spend with you and how often, and keep a note of any feedback. Use it to work out who your most valuable customers are and how best to contact them. CRM software doesn’t have to cost the earth – if you Google around a bit, you’ll find plenty or free packages.

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As well as more tips on keeping customers, the eBook has chapters that cover bright ideas, print & direct, digital & online, and research & review.

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