Tessa Shepperson talks tenancy agreements and eviction

Tessa shares her wealth of knowledge on some of the main landlord legal issues, from the importance of tenancy agreements to serving section 21 notices.

To learn more about dealing with the legal issues faced by landlords, we spoke to solicitor and author Tessa Shepperson. Tessa specialises in landlord and tenant housing law, and runs the popular site landlordlaw.co.uk and the accompanying blog, where landlords can find articles, tips and templates. In this video, Tessa talks about the importance of tenancy agreements, and gives some advice on deciding on the length and type of tenancy agreement. She also shares valuable insights into ending a tenancy agreement early, including break clauses, legal grounds, and section 21 notices. Tessa talks us through the possibility of hiring a solicitor versus dealing with tenant eviction on your own, and also tells us a bit about deposits and the legal requirements for deposit protection.

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