Top 10 business twitter accounts

Twitter is a fantastic resource for news and help and is a great tool if you need to catch up but have limited time on your hands.  But where do you go for great, informative business news?

Guardian small business

Only started a few months ago by the team at the Guardian business section, it’s already followed by over 1000 people who are looking for quality SME news. They also hold regular Q and A’s with their team so you can ask your business questions to them.  Follow Guardian Small Business.

Startup Donut

A vibrant and very active Twitter account the is run by the team at Start Up Donut and regularly post tweets that help startups and entrepreneurs.  Follow Start Up Donut.

Business Zone

An account that helps businesses of small to medium size boost their business with helpful articles and tweets. Also keeps you up to date with breaking business news and events.  Follow Business Zone.

BBC business

 A no-brainer really. The BBC business twitter account is a great feed for up to the minute business news.  Follow BBC Business.

Startup Britain

If you’re looking for help or guidance in the startup market and need some direction or articles around starting that great business idea, then Startup Britain is a great resource for you.  Follow Start Up Britain.

Federation for small business

 A great resource for breaking small business news. A lot of small business owners may already be members of the Federation of Small Businesses so follow them to keep fully up to date.  Follow Federation Of Small Business.

Forum for private business

 A resource for marketing, networking and small business advice. Follow these guys to get some great business tips and marketing ideas.  Follow The Forum For Private Business

Business Matters

Run by the guys at Business Matters. A great resource for small and medium sized businesses loking for help and advice in the day to day running of their company.  Tweets such as writing the perfect email are a boon for SME’s.  Follow Business Matters Mag.

Business works

Another account helping entrepreneurs and small businesses. They focus on business know-how and focus on helping you in your day to day business activities.  Follow Business Works.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?  Post them in the comments below!