Recession-beating entrepreneurs: Jorgen Sundberg

How can you start a business during a recession and still be successful? We have met with 6 Simply Business customers who did just that: building a business in difficult times. In this interview, Jorgen Sundberg talks about his company Link Humans and how he started his business from scratch.

Employees make a business. Without the right people any organisation will struggle to fulfil its potential.

But finding those perfect candidates can be a difficult task. Recruitment is a notoriously difficult process – and one with which many businesses never truly get to grips.

Technology has an increasingly important role to play in the recruitment process. Social media has rapidly become a vital tool in any recruiter’s arsenal – but many businesses are struggling to utilise it efficiently.

Link Humans arms recruiters and individuals with the knowledge they need to leverage social media effectively, in order to find either the perfect job or the perfect candidate. In this exclusive video, Link Humans’ Jorgen Sundberg tells Simply Business about the recruitment benefits of social media, and the realities of starting a recession-beating business.