Going mobile in business

One of the best things about growing a business is how it’s now possible to do much of your work on a mobile basis, thanks to an incredible array of gadgets and gizmos that are now available. These devices not only allow you to be more productive, they also enable you to carry out your chores pretty much wherever you’re located. Thanks to powerful mobile options, it’s really now possible to set up office no matter where you go.

What to buy?

Of course, this bewildering collection of electronic gadgets can be a tricky thingto get your head around if you’ve been used to the traditional desktop computeror laptop. However, before you commit to buying anything, it’s first best to askyourself what you want to do with the device once you get it. If you’re only acasual user of online products and services then there is little point in buying abells and whistles gadget when something simple will suffice.

But, if you’re looking to boost productivity and want to do that on the go then there’s no doubt that picking up one of the smartphone, laptops or tablet computers that are in abundance today is probably the best way to go. Needless to say, it’s the mobile phone that has become the tool of choice for a lot of business professionals as many smartphone models do everything a regular computer can do and more besides.

The downside?

Unfortunately, while most smartphones can pretty much do it all, they are generally limited on screen space and the virtual or tiny QWERTY keyboards contained on many are not ideally suited to being highly productive. So, by all means seek out a super smartphone deal and use it to check email, post social networking updates and do a bit of casual browsing, but also consider the wider options.

Laptops are still hugely popular and that’s not hard to see why as you get a larger screen area and full keyboard. Even netbooks offer a similar style computing experience, while the weight issue is not much less of a hassle than it used to be.  Better still is the fact that nowadays, battery life can often mean you can stay working for an awful lot longer too. And keep and eye out for the free laptops with broadband deals that many mobile providers currently offer.

Take a tablet

However, it is perhaps the power and convenience of the tablet computer that will appeal to many business people in the next few years. Apple kicked off things with its iPad and this gadget has inspired a whole slew of copycat devices.
It’s now possible to pick one that runs an operating system that you like, such as Android or Windows, while there are also countless apps and widgets that also boost the productivity experience. Naturally, all this does come at a price, but shop around and there’s something out there to suit every budget.

Battery life is often rock solid, design and build quality on many models is second to none but, best of all, the portability aspect is top-notch. So, if you haven’t yet experienced one as yet then it’s high time you did.

About the author

Rob Clymo writes on behalf of Broadband Genie, the online comparison website for unlimited broadband as well as laptops, smartphones and tablet PCs.

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