Could Customer Service be the key to Growing your Business?

The importance of customer service is becoming ever more important for small businesses. Put simply happy customers stay longer, spend more and tell more people – benefits most of us can’t afford to miss out on.

Add to this the fact it costs six times more to win new clients than to keep the ones you have, and businesses everywhere should be focusing their marketing efforts on service and retention rather than customer acquisition; but this seldom happens – mainly because businesses don’t know where to start.

Check your customers are satisfied every time

CustomerSure makes it easy to send lightning fast satisfaction surveys after every customer interaction. These surveys are quick and easy to complete, and focus only on the issues that matter most to customers. This maximises response rates and allows you to deal quickly with any issues arising, before it’s too late. This fast response could help you save up to 95% of customers you may otherwise lose.

Get closer to your customers

As well as the survey tool, CustomerSure provides a ‘bolt-on’ customer service area for your website (much as you would bolt on a shopping cart to help you sell online). This appears as an attractive ‘Customer Service’ tag on the side of your website, and means your customers can easily contact you, make suggestions, vote on ideas, or raise a complaint 24/7; again allowing you to react quickly to customer needs.

Develop a whole team approach to service

There are many survey tools and customer platforms out there to help you gather feedback, but often you’re left with reams of data that’s not very easy to share. This is a real problem, as customer service is everyone’s job – and so everyone needs to know what makes customers happy. With CustomerSure, all feedback is collated into a central stream that can be shared with your whole team no matter how big or small, so that everyone can see customers’ feedback in their very own words.

Act on every piece of feedback

Collecting feedback is not enough to help you improve customer satisfaction, nor will it drive retention and recommendations. These benefits only come when you act on feedback, and tell your customers that you’ve done so. This is exactly what CustomerSure has been designed to do. It makes you assign actions to every piece of feedback and helps you track these through to completion, including a response back to your customer to close the loop. This is how real improvement is achieved.

Monitor satisfaction levels and identify issues.

CustomerSure also gives you simple but effective reporting tools to help understand the key issues driving or preventing customer satisfaction. This can help you identify trends and costs, enabling you to make clear decisions around customer service.

Attract new customers

One of the major benefits of using CustomerSure is that you’re making a clear and public commitment to customer service. This alone can make you stand out from the competition, but our software also allows you to publish your feedback and actions, so that prospects can see for themselves how satisfied your customers are, and how committed you are to acting on feedback.

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