Top tips for online marketing on a shoestring: Tip 5

Online marketing is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to increase awareness of their product and engage with potential customers. With an understanding of the resources available and a little bit of creativity, an online marketing campaign can be one of the most cost-effective ways of maximizing your business’s potential. During the Business Startup show at London’s ExCeL centre in May, Simply Business partnered with PR agency 3 Monkeys and SEO agency Distilled to discuss some of the top marketing tips for people starting out in business. We have taken some of the top tips from the day and added some of our own and will be publishing them as a blog series over the next week. You can read the fifth tip of our seven-part series below.

5. Blog to bolster your authority.

By publishing industry-related blog posts, business owners can communicate expertise and personal style, while building and maintaining relationships with potential customers.

Though some shy away from this medium, writing blog posts is a skill accessible to anyone. Remember that it is not about being the most brilliant writer. It is instead about sharing advice and demonstrating your knowledge of the industry. Read what is being said in other similar blogs, and find out what your customers are talking about. What are their business concerns? What questions do they have? Which current events do they care about? These topics are great starting points for your own posts.

In addition to promoting discussion with your clients and driving traffic to your site, blogging can help to bring fresh content and new links to your site—two qualities that Google considers in evaluating your site. Ultimately, then, blogging increases the likelihood that your current clients will trust you, and that potential clients will find you.

Publishing directly onto your site is a great way to attract visitors to your page. But, if you would prefer to link to an external blog platform, Tumblr, Wordpress, and Blogger are good options with useful templates.

Helpful links from this section: Tumblr, Wordpress, and Blogger.

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