Comment - StartUp Britain is good for SMEs - and we're proud to take part

The launch of StartUp Britain is great news for Britain’s entrepreneurs – and SimplyBusiness is proud to be a part of it, says Jason Stockwood.

The government has long been preaching the importance of small businesses in driving the economic recovery. We know, and they know, that it is the lean, innovative businesses of today that will drive the country back to growth – and become the major employers of tomorrow.

We are very excited, then, to be part of the launch of StartUp Britain – a new initiative that we believe will provide concrete support to thousands of new and growing businesses across the country.

StartUp Britain has been conceived and built by some of the country’s most forward-thinking entrepreneurs, in an effort to make the process of starting and building a business easier and more affordable. It has the backing of the Prime Minister, and was launched earlier today at Microsoft’s London headquarters.

The initiative provides a “living market-place” for new and expanding businesses. What does this mean? Well, the StartUp Britain website is in two parts. On one side are some of the most useful tools to help entrepreneurs start their business. There are links to resources that will help you write your first business plan, sort out your tax affairs, register as a limited company and (of course!) buy insurance.

On the other side, a range of established firms including Simply Business, Google, HP and O2 are offering practical assistance to Britain’s small businesses. From today, new firms have access to free services worth around £1,500 – and that figure will only grow.

Indeed, today is just the beginning for StartUp Britain. Soon the service will expand dramatically, with the addition of new features like a Mentor Marketplace, a platform to offer or sign up for a business masterclass, and a ‘pledge matchmaker’ that will give established firms the opportunity to invest resources in exciting new ventures.

StartUp Britain is a direct response to the government’s calls for an “enterprise-led” recovery. Although it has the full support of the government, and of the Prime Minister himself, it is entirely funded and operated by the businesses taking part. There is no tax money involved.

Instead, StartUp Britain shows one of the many ways that the private sector can help to stimulate growth and get the economy back on track. Small businesses are the key to a sustained recovery – and anything we can do to help each other grow should be welcomed and encouraged.

At Simply Business we are committed to helping with and supporting this initiative… what can you do?

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