Taking the next step - an interview with Simon North

Simon North is the founder of Position Ignition, a firm that aims to help individuals take charge of their working lives. We caught up with Simon to find out about the business, and understand how career advisory services are changing in the current economic climate.

Hi Simon. Tell us about Position Ignition. What does your business do?

Position Ignition is a careers business that helps individuals to take the next step in their working life.

Our relationship with our work lasts for nearly 50 years and it is important to be in control of it, to be doing what we are good at and also to be doing something that we enjoy.

What was the inspiration behind the business? Do you have previous experience in the field?

I have been working for over 30 years and I have been doing this kind of work for even longer. Position Ignition is a young and virtual business and we started it because we knew that there were a lot of people that were not aligned with their work.

Our inspiration is to help people to realise that there is help that enables them to take control of their working life and not to be a victim of circumstances.

Do you feel that previous jobs helped prepare you for entrepreneurship?

Not directly. I have worked closely with a number of entrepreneurs in recent years and some of their “magic” has rubbed off.

Many people have obviously been forced into changing career as a result of the recession. Do you think the economic climate has helped Position Ignition?

Not particularly. We are a premium priced service and for some clients this is an impediment to using our skills. Most of our clients are in work and we are helping them to sort out their issues within their existing contexts. Some clients have been forced out. We meet them when their outplacement hasn’t been helpful for them.

What advice would you give to other prospective entrepreneurs?

Remember to focus on the main thing. Keep reminding yourself that you had a great idea and that it is a winner.

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