This week's best of the web

Welcome to our very first weekly round-up of the best of the web. Consider this a digest of some of the most vital, useful or simply entertaining things that Simply Business saw on the web this week.

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This week on Simply Business

Bringing online communities into the ‘real world’ has real business benefits. [Simply Business]

Some simple productivity tips mean Windows doesn’t have to be a chore. [Simply Business]

News from elsewhere

The National Minimum Wage is increased to £5.93. [BBC]

House prices creep up again, helping to stabilise the market. [Guardian]

Demand for loans amongst small businesses drops. [Telegraph]

Business advice looks at choosing a business angel. [Startups]

Marketing Donut considers how to improve your multi-channel marketing. [Marketing Donut]

WorkAwesome thinks about the importance of rituals in our working day. [WorkAwesome]

Online goings-on

Blackberry launches Playbook, its rival to the iPad. It looks…well, remarkably similar to the iPad, actually. [Blackberry]

Google Docs launches track changes. Collaborators around the world breathe a sigh of relief, and cloud working moves one step closer. [Mashable]

The ‘New Twitter’ is rolled out to over 50 per cent of users. Facebook-style backlash is yet to materialise. [Twitter]

From the blogs

Stephanie Flanders considers the future of quantitative easing. [BBC Blogs]

Chris Arnold looks at the future for young creatives. [[Brand Republic]14