How to reduce absenteeism in your business

Did you know that every year businesses lose thousands of pounds through absenteeism? This can be resolved, or at least made better, simply through the inclusion of plants in an office. Here, Colleen Smith of eFIG (the European Federation of Interior Landscape Groups) explains:

I was taking part in a forum discussion today around the best excuses given by employees for being off sick, when it struck me that it is not the excuses we need to consider, but the reasons behind them that really matter. What is it that drives an employee to take a day off, knowing full well they don’t need one?

A number of factors came to mind:

  • Lack of job satisfaction. This could be caused by the employee not feeling included in projects or needed, as if their presence of absence at work doesn’t matter.

  • Not feeling valued. This would cause an employee to question why they are at work in the first place and requires the employer to show that the employee is a key member of the team.

  • Minor illness. A common cold may not be debilitating or cause an employee to not be able to work, but it could be enough of an excuse if they are already feeling down about their job.

So, as employers, designers, facilities managers and so on, what can we do to ensure absenteeism is reduced and that money lost through staff illness is saved in the future?

Reasons why plants make such a big impact

Research has shown that adding just one plant to an office space can have an effect on the people in that office – adding more than one can have a dramatic impact for the following reasons:

  1. Plants remove harmful toxins called VOCs from the air and use them as food for themselves, causing them to release more oxygen and therefore clean the air. This alleviates the symptoms of minor illness such as coughs, colds and sick building syndrome (SBS).
  2. Plants make people more productive by providing cleaner air. Because of this, employers get better return on their money paid as wages and employees feel they are doing a better job and thus get more job satisfaction.
  3. Plants make people feel valued. If an employer has taken the time and resource to add plants to an office, it makes the employees feel happier, less stressed and more appreciated.

The cost of installing plants is far less than the potential savings, making plants a worthwhile investment for businesses of any size.

To find aneFIG approved interior landscaper in your area who can aid you with installing and maintaining plants, visit the website of EFig.

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