Employers liability insurance is compulsory for part-time employees.

Business owners are familiar with the fact they have to take out business insurance for their business. However, there is another requirement by law for a company with any employees, even if in this case they are part-time employees:  employers liability insurance.

Along with motor insurance, this is a compulsory insurance for which you can incur heavy fines for not having bought cover. £5m is the legal minimum, although most insurers will provide £10m as standard. This is for the protection of both the business and the employee, who may be forced to pursue their employees for compensation, should there have been an accident at work.

Where to get business insurance

Do consider, if buying business insurance, that you can get all round packages for your protection and can easily purchase these on-line. There are direct insurers you can purchase from such as Aviva and Hiscox, alternatively you can try our site at Simply Business which compares covers for these insurers and plenty of others. An especially important, but not mandatory, cover for a business of this type would be business interruption, so that you are covered for lost revenue to your business as a result of an insured peril.