5 councils you should follow on Twitter during the election

With the elections today, we looked at some councils who are successfully using Twitter to keep the people up to date with the latest election results. You would be surprised that not only big councils are using Twitter to reach their audience. So which councils are successful? 

1. Sunderland Council via @sunderlandUK

The Sunderland Council has a long track record with the use of online media. In fact, Sunderland was recently named Facebook capital of Britain - so it makes sense for Sunderland us to use tools like Twitter to communicate with residents.

2. Live election coverage through the Solihull Twitter feed

The Solihull Twitter feed will tweet live coverage of their local election count. David from the Solihull council will start tweeting at the same time as the count on May 7, and will culminate in announcing the results for each ward, live. A typical example of engaging the local people. More on the Solihull council later this week.

3. Elmbridge council

Relatively new on Twitter, Elmbridge works with a team which understands how online media such as Twitter works. Their first big Twitter event will be the combined election. Follow the Elmbridge council on Twitter if you want to see how they do.

4. Vale of Glamorgan Council

The Vale of Glamorgan Council in South Wales recently launched their new website. Their Twitter feed is prominent on their website and it’s being well looked after by Joanna Brewer. This council will also keep their followers up to date today about the election.

5. Newcastle city council

Newcastle CC will be live tweeting election results for both general and local elections today, according to their Twitter feed. With almost 3400 followers on Twitter Julie, the person behind the Newcastle City Council Twitter account, will keep you up to date about the elections.

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