Business tips and links from the team - week 15

We have 5 sites for you this week, to which we think you should pay a visit. Some of them are just offering a product and some of them offer you some extra business knowledge that can help you improve your business.

1. Twitter is going to earn some bucks.

Twitter thinks it has found a way to earn some desperately needed money to fund the loss making micro blogging service. explains how the add model works. We are quite curious since our knowledge team actively Tweets through @simplybusiness and @simplylandlord.

2. PK Photography & Video, an example of a nice, simple SME website

PK Photography & Video specialises in natural and unobtrusive wedding coverages. They produce wedding videos as well. Sounds nice, but is it that special? We like the simplicity of the site. Second, it’s obvious Peter, the owner of PK Photography, is passionate about his wedding photography. Check out his site and ask for his brochure (if you are planning a wedding of course).

3. How to write a CV for an agency internship

Rochelle Dancel from Online Payments & Merchant Account Services, Paypoint gave me this tip last week in our Simply Business LinkedIn group. “This is a great article posted on one of the blogs belonging to digital agency, Beautiful World. Although it was written for prospective interns, it offers some great insights into how this employer responds to CVs.” Thanks Rochelle! Read the article.

4. How retailers can use social media for marketing

This was our most popular article this week. This contribution from Josh deals with the importance of social media in many firms’ marketing efforts. This article looks at the benefits for high street shops, restaurants and pubs.

5. Success stories on

We like for their small business knowledge articles. One of their article series is about entrepreneur success stories. And because it’s almost the weekend, you might not be surprised if we recommend you read the story of Rowan Gormley of Naked Wines. Rowan’s story about selling quality wine for less online makes us say Cheers! Enjoy your weekend.

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