The 10 best knowledge articles from our Simply Business team

Since our new website was launched in December, we have put a lot of effort into providing you with effective tips, valuable small business knowledge and useful advice through our articles. These are the ten you liked the most this month.

Surprisingly, you were not only interested in marketing articles, but legal and finance advice was also very popular.  The percentage shown is the visits to the article compared with the overall visits to the knowledge section of our site.

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1. Why public liability insurance is essential (8.8%)

It’s not surprising that this article is by far the most read article in our knowledge centre. Public liability insurance is essential for all businesses. Team member, Rosie Beasley, also points out the importance for customers of knowing a business is covered.

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2. 6 tips for getting more out of LinkedIn (7.9%)

LinkedIn is becoming one of the fastest growing business communities on the web. It started as a way to look for a job, but LinkedIn is now more and more an active networking environment. Jasper gives 6 tips that should get you started.

3. 5 reasons why businesses fail (7.2%)

On average, around two thirds of all start-ups will fail within their first year of business. This is a dramatic statistic and one which we should all be aware of. Learn why this can happen with these [common reasons](/knowledge/articles/2010/02/2010-02-08-five-reasons-why-businesses-fail/).

4. Will 2010 be a comeback year for buy-to-let? (6.5%)

The last two years have been particularly difficult for professional landlords in the buy-to-let property market. Will the start of a new decade bring a positive outlook or will rental property remain an uncertain investment? Read this buy-to-let article.

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5. How to keep buy-to-let records for your tax return (3.8%)

Landlords, like any other business owners, have a number of important record keeping obligations. These help you to give the correct information on your tax return and save money at the same time. Many of you found this article interesting.

6. Thinking of going self-employed in 2010? (3.4%)

Going self-employed is a big step. Yet an increasing number of people, many driven by the pressures of a depressed employment market, are taking that step and setting up as freelancers and contractors. Besides taking out a self-employed business insurance policy (obviously…), we give a lot of other advice as well. Read this article.

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7. What happens if you miss the online tax return deadline? (3.3%)

The annual rush to get your tax return in on time is one of the least enjoyable parts of any self-employed person’s year. But what happens if you miss the online self-assessment deadline

8. The tax return deadline is looming - what can you claim for? (3.3%)

Although the tax return deadline has expired (January 31th) this article became popular in February! Read this important article. 

9. Cheaper ways to upgrade your buy-to-let property (2.9%)

Professional landlords have had a rough ride over the past 18 months.  With less money floating around and more demanding tenants it pays to find cheaper ways to make upgrades to your buy-to-let. Find out how. 

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10 Is invoice finance a good form of business funding? (2.6%)

Lots of businesses could benefit from financial help of some kind, whether it’s extra funding for growth or regular cash injections to balance cashflow. Could invoice finance be the answer?

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