To vitalise yourself is to make your business healthy

After a University degree in Amsterdam and a modelling career, Luuk Imberg didn’t choose a standard career path and started his own business, Luuk Health Coaching. Simply Business talked with Luuk about the difficulties starting up his business and his drive to help small businesses and individuals improve their lives.

Tell us briefly what kind of business you do

I am a personal vitality coach! At university in Amsterdam I studied Human Movement Science (specialisation in psycho-motor therapy).

After graduation, not knowing ‘what to become’ I lived on modelling and acting (mostly photography and TV commercials) for 3 years. A few things I really liked about it: meeting and talking to different people, seeing a satisfied customer, taking good care of myself and being free and flexible in my time. Now being a personal vitality coach I also enjoy these things. The greatest gain is that now I do something I really love (helping people) and feel like I’m made for.

Is this something you always wanted to do or did you see a market opportunity to start this business?

This type of work regarding “the helping of people” is something I have always wanted to do. I just never knew in which form it would be. By searching long enough I found a way which really suits me. I did not see a market opportunity; I always looked for something that I would love to do. I believe that the market opportunity can be created when I do something I really love.

Why didn’t you choose to work for a company and make a career? Did you have role models around you that made you decide to start your own business?

I felt awkward about applying for a job, didn’t like the idea of working for someone and abiding by their rules. I felt like it would restrict me too much and I needed the time and space to develop myself in my own time and my own way. My three best friends are also entrepreneurs, and successful, so that helps. Also as a model I got used to working for myself (my agency advised me to become a freelancer and it meant changing just a few things in the way I did the job) so it kind of happened automatically, and it therefore became the easiest step to take for me to become a vitality coach.

What are common problems you’ve experienced setting up your own business?

To get myself into gear. The fear of failure slowed me down, but it didn’t stop me and will not stop me. Also my PC is one step away from my bed, so especially in the beginning, it was difficult to get up and do something. Now that my business is taking off and my home office is organised, it motivates me to get into action and let go of doubts and fears.

I also experienced difficulties finding new customers. I strongly believe in word-of-mouth advertising. Therefore I aim to offer a high level of quality for my service. This makes the start very hard but it will eventually lead to an increase in the amount of people who hear about me and who are interested in me.

I believe that people will increasingly realise that enjoying the work they do, making a profitable career, being healthy and helping the world one way or another can go hand in hand.

We always need to look for win-win situations and learn to be solution focused instead of problem focused, for this will truly benefit ourselves and everyone else.

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