Business tips and links from the team - week 7

Every week we select 10 articles we think are worth reading at the end of your work-week. Start your weekend now - have a look at these articles selected by our Simply Business knowledge team.

1. Start a business in 2010

A well writen business guide from about starting your own business. This small business website is one of our favorite websites for business advice. Check out Start a business in 2010.

2. HMRC clarifies new online filing rules

New rules mean that firms with between five and 50 employees must now file their Employer Annual Returns online. This is part of the Revenues drive to have all businesses and individuals filing the majority of their documents digitally.

3. 8 Ways to Hack Bad Breath and avoid horrific office scenes

Ever worked for a boss with such a bad breath you’ve changed your job? In our knowledge team everybody came up with extreme bad breath examples of bosses and managers. YUK. If you think that you might suffer from it, do something now - it can be easily be avoided just by reading these guidelines from Bnet uk.

4. Character building? Ryanair, easyJet and chariots of fire…

Bitching to your customer can actually work out pretty well! Ryanair got a lot of attention when they responded to a reported bug in their booking system. Kevin Gibbons from SEOptimise discusses on Econsultancy the advantages of this Ryanair tactic on your overall PR exposure. Very interesting to read. I don’t know that it would work for Simply Business!

5. SME owners see social web networking as a place for people with too much time on their hands

As part of our Small Business entrepreneur knowledge interview series, Ces Loftus of Creatively Minded Design explains why good brand design and social media is essential for improving your small business. Thanks for sharing your thoughts CES!

6 How to use social media to resolve a dispute with a company

Do you remember the times when you called a call centre, had to wait for 10 minutes and then your connection was broken? Well, this still happens today. But rescue is under way! Complain online and companies that are worried your complaints will go viral will respond in your tweets, blogs and comments. To maximize the outcome of your complaints online, read this article about online complaining etiquettes.

7. The most retweeted articles of Simply Business

I like to use Topsy to view how popular our tweets on the Simply Business twitter account are. Are you curious to see which ones are your favourites? Check Simply Business tweets on Topsy.

8. How to manage the reputation of your business online

Did we tell you we like A second article published by Patrick Martin of online reputation management firm Search Perfect is really good to read if you are worried about your online reputation. Martin says: “take your brand name into your own hands”.

9. Our first Youtube video about invoice finance

Our colleague James Pass battled against the nerves to present in front of the Simply Business cameras last week. Check out our first Youtube video that deals with a very important question: how can invoice finance improve your cashflow?

10 Slim pickings for buy-to-let as property prices jump

Do you want to buy a buy-to-let property? After a bad year in 2009, 2010 is going to be a mixed year for landlords and home owners according to this article from Josh. We have already made the decision in our team that the recession is officially over (new year resolution). Are you following us please?

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