Business tips and links from the team - week 6

Every week we select 10 articles we think are worth reading at the end of your work-week. Start your weekend now - have a look at these articles selected by our Simply Business knowledge team.

1. Fall in love with Josh and his Valentine marketing ideas

We like the article from Josh on how Valentines Day can boost your business. Read this article and turn love into cash (business wise).  We’ve had a lot of positive response this week. Read his article and use it to boost your business this Valentines Day .

2. Follow @LissaDuty on Twitter to stay in touch with Social Media

A lot of social media is hot air. I’ve been to a social media debate recently and 75% of the time people talked about social media but didn’t practice it. There are some exceptions! We’ve been following Lissa Duty via She contributes a lot but also retweets articles that are worth reading. You don’t know what “retweet” means? Time to follow Lissa.

3. Start-up funding - how to choose the right business direction

Bytestart published an article about start-up funding. Do you have an idea that will revolutionize the world? Before you go to the bank, invoice factoring broker or your rich uncle, read this article. We really like the the tip “Base your business on a passion and you can’t go far wrong.”

4. PAYE and National Insurance contributions

Taking on first employees is an important step in the life of a growing business. But it is not without cost. Before hiring staff, you must have a number of financial processes in place to enable you to meet your tax obligations. Read this article.

5. Want to find your own killer offer?

It’s the start of a new year and a new decade and like many self-employed people you’ve probably been thinking about how to have a good year despite the sluggish economy. Do you want to find your own killer selling point? How do you go about doing this? Read this article from

6 Creating a business succession plan

SME owners must be aware of all the pros and cons of who they are going to leave their firm to before putting together an exit plan, says our content editor Rosie Beasley. Read the complete article on the website of

7. 5 Questions You Should Ask Every Customer.

We bet you don’t ask these questions to every customer. If you did, your business would improve. Why not start today? Read this article on

8. How to manage the reputation of your business online

Did we tell you we like A second article published by Patrick Martin of Online Reputation Management firm Search Perfect is really good to read if you are worried about your online reputation. Martin says: take your brand name into your own hands.

9. Our first Youtube video about invoice finance

Our colleague James Pass battled against the nerves before he presented before the Simply Business cameras last week. Check out our first Youtube video that deals with a very important question: how can invoice finance improve your cashflow?

10 The Ultimate Getting Started Guide for UK Freelancers and Contractors

This entry was in our top 10 last week but it’s so good, we kept it in our list.
If you are making the leap to managing your own bookkeeping, accounts, organisation and productivity, this is the best collection of advice and links for new and experienced UK freelancers and contractors. Learn some simple, yet effective techniques for finding work, chasing debts, getting paid on time and how to motivate and market yourself.

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