Tips to organise a home office effectively

Recently we published an article about organising a home office effectively to maximise productivity. We posted it on the forum and have subsequently received a lot of ideas from fellow forum members on how to improve the home office.

JOE MICHAEL had some basic to the point tips that can be implemented easily. “Place plants in your office, hang artwork on the wall and embrace technology” were some of the tips he gave us.

BLUSH suggested that a coffee machine should be placed in the office, to create a division between the office and the rest of the house.

HLSBS emphasised the importance of making full use of formal breaks like coffee breaks and lunch breaks and sticking to them.

WRITECOMBINATION uses his garden to take a break from the desk. Allowing a short break of 10 minutes is enough to feel refreshed and to be able to go back to his office and work effectively.

RAY STEWART from Madcap Coalville Accountants built an extension to his house 19 years ago. He can now divide his business completely from his private life. He also suggests not connecting business calls to the private space of the house and sticking to the rules you have made.

Share your tips

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