Apprentice do's and don'ts for first time caterers

Are you a caterer? Here are a few tips on how not to do things from the 2009 Apprentice candidates.

DO keep it simple. If it’s good, simple food it will be cheaper and easier to make and there is less room for error.

DON’T assume that people won’t notice bad quality food if they are drunk enough

DO look at ways to cut costs and increase your profit

DON’T buy food that looks and tastes cheap

DO have a theme if it adds to the atmosphere and gives the event added value

DON’T use tacky decorations and wear skin revealing outfits unless you look like a real Greek Adonis

DO put filling in your sandwiches

DON’T put hair in your salads

DO go into a meeting with a proper costing and an alternative menu in case the client wants a cheaper deal

DON’T quote a ridiculously high price and then settle on a much lower price but offer the same level of food

DO invite all creative ideas to the table

DON’T go along with ideas you know are bad just to keep your team happy

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