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Self employed public liability insurance tailored to you

Public liability insurance for self employed people should be a top priority for all those who work for themselves. We understand that you’re an expert in your field, but mistakes do happen. A single one of those mistakes can be financially devastating, but with self employed public liability insurance you can make sure that your business is safeguarded. Start building a policy with Simply Business, and you can include other key covers like employers’ liability and professional indemnity.

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What does public liability insurance cover?

Public liability insurance is essential for most businesses, as it will keep you covered if a mistake is made which causes injury to a customer or member of the public, or damage to their property.

A customer slipping or tripping over is one of the most common accidents in the book, and can often result in a public liability insurance claim.

A quick claim example

A plumber is doing repair work on a domestic property, but hasn’t fitted the caps properly. This has caused water damage in the property he’s working on, as well as the property below.

What was covered?

The public liability claim cost of £15,000, for repair of the damage and any inconvenience caused.

What wasn’t covered?

The £250 excess (this is the part of the claim the policyholder pays).

Choose your level of cover

At Simply Business, we offer a minimum level of £1 million for public liability cover, but how do you choose the right level for you?

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need more than the minimum level of cover, so it’s sensible to check your policy for every new job or contract. For example, companies working on government contracts are usually required to be covered for a minimum of £5 million or even £10 million in public liability insurance. Bear this in mind when constructing your public liability insurance quote.

Need more details? Hear more about your business cover options from our expert team in a quick set of videos. Just choose the cover you’re interested in and get some expert insight into how each option can help your business. From public liability insurance for market traders to event public liability insurance, our panel can protect a range of businesses and trades.

Watch the details

It’s very important to make sure you understand what you need from your insurance. Use the check points below to get you thinking.

  • Check the policy documents before you buy for exclusions and excesses
  • If you employ people, you’re legally obliged to take out employers’ liability insurance. Not doing this could lead to a heavy fine
  • Is your business covered for the right things? For example, if you work at heights above 10m, is this covered?
  • Have you chosen the right level of cover for your business and a level that’s acceptable for your clients?

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