Simply Business unveils most popular names for British business owners

David and Sarah King and Queen of the small business revolution

If a new business has opened near you in the last few years, chances are the owners will be called either David or Sarah, according to new research conducted by Simply Business, the UK’s largest business insurance broker.

Analysis of almost 50,000 independent businesses across the UK* for the past six years has shown that, despite competition from Pauls and Susans, David and Sarah have consistently been the most common names for new business owners.

David is particularly popular amongst tradesmen such as plumbers, builders and carpenters while hairdressers are more likely to be called Sarah.

Both names follow in the footsteps of successful Brits, from David Cameron and David Beckham and to Sarah Beeny and Sarah Burton.

Most common names for British business owners
Male Female
1 David Sarah
2 Paul Susan
3 John Karen
4 Andrew Julie
5 Mark Helen

Jason Stockwood, CEO of Simply Business, commented: ”Jack and Olivia are the most common baby names in the UK at the moment, but it seems that Davids and Sarahs turn out to be the hardworking business owners among us.”

“Starting up a business requires courage, determination and creativity. Some people are born with these characteristics, others are just lucky enough to be called David and Sarah.”

While David and Sarah are popular names for business owners across the country, some variations did occur. Bristol is fonder of John, Manchester favours Claire and Birmingham being popular for James. Local idols clearly leave a legacy, with both John and Paul being common in Liverpool.

Most common names by city
City Male Female
1 London Michael Sarah
2 Manchester Paul Claire
3 Birmingham James Emma
4 Sheffield David Sarah

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Notes to Editors:

* Figures are based on analysis of insurance policy data from 48,565 independent businesses insured by Simply Business in 2013.

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